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Veterinary33 is a new international e-journal and digital magazine from Edra Publishing US, LLC aimed
to provide veterinarians an instrument to quickly get access to worldwide veterinary news and updates, with
experts' opinions about everyday clinical problems and to help them with innovative and scientific-based
solutions, thanks to an outstanding scientific board, which collect the leading Key Opinion Leaders from
Veterinary industry in the USA.

Veterinary33 web page is designed to promote immediate and readable information about different topics,
such as Small and Companion Animals, Livestock, Emergency Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Management,
Clinical Cases, Technology Innovation, Industry and Market news and updates.

Every week a new topic of discussion would be proposed and developed with the help of the clinical expertise
of established experts in the specific field and a careful analysis of the scientific literature.

Once a week, a dedicated Newsletter reminds the latest news published to all the readers who have
with it.

Editor in Chief: Tommaso Albonetti

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