Betelgeux-Christeyns is committed to high technology in equipment for a more sustainable and efficient hygiene in the food industry

Automating cleaning and disinfection processes in the food industry is essential to achieve more efficient hygiene, which consumes fewer resources and is more sustainable.

Betelgeux-Christeyns presents its new catalog, which includes its wide portfolio of high-tech equipment specifically designed for cleaning and disinfection processes in the food industry. This equipment makes it possible to increase the efficiency of hygiene tasks and, at the same time, simplify and automate procedures. With this automation, time and product consumption are optimized, as well as the risks of cross-contamination are minimized, and a lower environmental impact is generated.

The catalog is structured in different sections in which the references that respond to the specific needs of each food industry are compiled. Access control and personal hygiene equipment, satellites to raise water pressure, foam generators, nebulizers, ultrasound equipment, and automatic belt hygiene systems are presented. All of them are endorsed by the Betelgeux-Christeyns engineering team that focuses on sustainability and the hygienic design of the facilities.

Specific solutions for every need

The extensive range of solutions for personal hygiene stands out, such as hygienic access control equipment that guarantees proper hygiene for all personnel entering the facilities and minimizes the risks of infection and cross-contamination. Hygienic sinks and boots and sole washing and disinfection equipment are also included. All this equipment is made of stainless steel and HACCP certified.

In the section dedicated to surface cleaning and disinfection processes, there are foam generators, pressure increasing equipment, central stations such as Main Station with which it is possible, with the same equipment, to raise the water pressure, project foam, and disinfect using a built-in satellite.

As a complement to traditional surface disinfection processes, decentralized fogging units are presented, a fast and efficient method that allows reaching critical areas of industries. We present the X3 Nebulizer, a mobile device that only requires compressed air, and the H05 ULV Fogger, a nebulizer that connects directly to the electrical network and does not need compressed air for its operation.

One of the outstanding novelties is the equipment for the disinfection of high-risk areas. It is the EPWW, for the disinfection of trolley wheels and pallet trucks at the entrance of the production areas and MIDA BARRIER, an innovative solution designed by CHRISTEYNS that is installed in areas of high microbiological risk and that disinfects the soil with a system spray after the passage of people or machines.

Automation of processes

Automatic machines are characterized by guaranteeing the best cleaning results simply and efficiently, reducing consumption. This section includes HAC-D, a decentralized automatic belt sanitization system that guarantees the highest level of hygiene, with constant microbiological results and average savings in product consumption of more than 40%.

Another outstanding reference is the Cavitation Hygiene system (HPC), where ultrasound technology is used to clean hooks, utensils, or machine parts in a few seconds. It is capable of removing even very encrusted dirt and reduces time and consumption of water and chemicals. The EKW box and accessory washers close this section.

Engineering at the service of industrial hygiene

The vast experience of Betelgeux-Christeyns in hygiene and the manufacture of detergents and disinfectants for the food industry allows it to apply its knowledge to the design of facilities and the selection of the most efficient equipment.

The company has an Engineering Services department (DSI) specialized in hygienic advice on facilities and personnel flows between the different work areas. After a preliminary study of the facilities, the DSI recommends the most suitable equipment distribution to ensure that the R&D processes are developed most efficiently.

Together with the complete range of equipment and chemical products, these customized projects offer the best guarantee to obtain products without organoleptic alterations, without risks to the health of the consumer, and with longer commercial life.

The "Industrial Hygiene Equipment" catalog is available in an online version at this link.

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