EPiQ Animal Health distributes OraStripdx, first rapid diagnostic test for periodontal health

OraStripdx, the revolutionary 10-second diagnostic test that detects periodontal disease in pets in its earliest stages, announced on June 26 that the test is now available to all authorized veterinary distributors and customers nationwide through a partnership with EPiQ Animal Health. EPiQ, which supplies products to nearly all veterinarians in the U.S., will significantly increase access to OraStripdx, allowing veterinarians to more effectively detect and prevent periodontal disease, a malady that affects more than 80 percent of adult pets.

John Beran, CEO of PDX BIOTECH, which invented and manufactures OraStripdx, said in the news release that EPiQ is the ideal partner who can help increase access to OraStripdx.

"EPiQ is uniquely qualified to provide blanket coverage for our product, helping veterinarians and pet owners take action sooner rather than later to prevent more serious disease and dental interventions,” he said. 

OraStripdx is the only rapid test that can detect active periodontal disease in dogs and cats in 10 seconds, with no anesthesia or sedation required. Each easy-to-use test strip changes color based on the concentration of thiols in the patient’s oral fluid. When a veterinarian or technician glides OraStripdx along the gumline of a dog or cat, thiols in the oral fluid will cause the test strip to change color, with the concentration of thiols reflecting periodontal disease activity.

Periodontal disease is an invisible infection that causes needless suffering for millions of dogs and cats, so being able to test for it quickly and find it in its earliest stages is a major advantage to pet owners and their health care providers. In addition to periodontal disease itself causing pain, early detection can also serve as a warning sign of more serious diseases.

The performance of OraStripdx has been documented in peer-reviewed studies published in journals such as the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, the Journal of Veterinary Science & Technology and the Canadian Veterinary Journal.

PDX BIOTECH has obtained five patents, and more than 750,000 tests have already been shipped to veterinary practices around the world. The partnership with EPiQ is expected to increase the distribution tenfold within the next year.

Veterinarians interested in learning more about and purchasing OraStripdx can reach out to EPiQ national sales managers, Anje English at or (614) 763-2735 or Keely Burton at or (561) 758-2335. More information can be found at

About EPiQ Animal Health

EPiQ Animal Health is a master distributor aiming to revolutionize the animal health industry through innovative supply chain and marketing solutions. The company partners with manufacturers to grow their brands and launch new products in the veterinary market. EPiQ’s logistics and operations solutions streamline the supply chain for the manufacturer allowing them to focus on what they do best: innovating products. EPiQ’s marketing solutions are consultative, comprehensive and strategic, and the company works with its partners to increase their brand awareness, generate demand and grow their revenue. Visit to learn more. 

About OraStripdx and PDX BIOTECH

Manufactured in the U.S., OraStripdx is the premier product developed and produced by PDX BIOTECH, a growth-stage biotechnology company based in Louisville, Kentucky. The company is comprised of a core team of seasoned scientists and business leaders having over a century of combined experience, as well as an advisory board of global thought-leader veterinary clinicians. With the distribution of OraStripdx, PDX BIOTECH intends to contribute every day to the long-term health and wellness of pets and their families worldwide.

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